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The Creation of Eve (1 of 2)

The Creation of Eve (1 of 2)


When I was a child I visited the Vatican in the heart of Rome. It was there I laid my naive eyes upon Michelangelo’s master piece, “the Creation of Adam”.

The famous fresco painting of God and Adam so close to touching, but never will.

Inspired by Michelangelo, “The Creation of Eve” is of God handing Eve a part of his divine power for her to reach her full potential; to love herself completely, to be brave, bold and divine in her own right.

Just a quick note, I am not religious in any capacity. I was actually raised atheist. However, it never stopped me from appreciating the marvellous legends and stories of every religion and faith.

Acrylic on canvas


Canvas size: (W)400mm x (H)400mm x (D) 40mm

Frame size: (W)440mm x (H)440mm x (D) 50mm


*Please note that due to the photographing process, the colour of the original painting may vary slightly from what is shown in the product images.


*Free worldwide shipping

*Black Frame included


Note: this piece has received 330K views and 13.9K likes on social media. Sold seperately, you will have the beautiful knowledge of knowing somewhere else in the world another will have its' twin.

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