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My Community - Until You Find Me

My Community - Until You Find Me


People forever come in and out of our lives. Inspiring us, anchoring us, changing us for the better or breaking us only for us to come back stronger!

Sometimes our lives intersect with others without us even knowing. ‘Until you find me’ explore this idea.

Much like my community I probably won’t be able to meet you all, but through my art we have connected in a way I once never thought possible.

So thank you everyone for joining me on my journey, I appreciate you all 🥰🙏🏻


Follow this link to check out this piece on social media 


*Please note that due to the photographing process, the colour of the original painting may vary slightly from what is shown in the product images.


Canvas size: 40x40x2cm

Material: Acylric on canvas


*Free worldwide shipping

*Please read Shipping and Return policy prior to purchases

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